ECS has been in the electrical products and related services industry for many years. Over this period of time, we have emerged as a company that leads the game in providing exceptional services and solutions to our esteemed clients.

Have a look at our main services and get in touch with us if you have any queries.


We design our products in a manner that our customers love the most. We also provide product design services as per the personalized needs of our clients for their industries and commercial spaces. When you have a requirement to be met, ECS comes to the rescue. Since our focus is mostly on the initial design phase, we have mastered the art of coming up with compatible designs.

Estimation & Tendering

We have a proven track record of providing our clients with a professional, reliable and efficient estimation and tendering service. With the industry’s best experts and professionals on board with us, we are proud to have delivered exceptional estimation and tendering services in the instalment and maintenance of the electrical systems.

After Sales Services

Leaving the customers hanging in the air is not something ECS does. We pride in being a leading company in the region that focuses on providing bespoke after-sales support services to all the clients whatever their requirements are. Our clients can always get in touch whenever they feel a need to get our after-sales support for their products and services.

Engineering Services

Having a leading name in Saudi Arabia for electrical products and related services, ECS also provides engineering services. We have a team of trained experts and professionals who can handle engineering needs from a simple project to the most complex ones you can think of.

New Installation Services

You have purchased a product but are not sure how to install it. Do not worry, ECS can take care of it. Just ring us and we will manage everything. From installing the product smoothly to testing it, we have trained our staff to deliver a sense of satisfaction before they leave the site.

Maintenance & Testing

Save time and effort by outsourcing your maintenance and testing needs to ECS. Our highly professional staff is trained to provide continuous maintenance for your installations. Moreover, we also carry out testing of your products to ensure the products and equipment run smoothly. Our maintenance and testing services come as a part of our after-sales services.

Automation Services

When you want to save time and ensure cost savings on your products, ECS comes with our automation services where we start to take care of your equipment, systems and their maintenance. You can trust us with our product quality, expertise, and responsiveness to meet your needs.

We also provide

  • RMU
  • MV/LV Transformers
  • MV/LV Substations
  • LV Generators
  • Load Banks
  • All Ranges of Electrical items & accessories