What is a Generator Control Panel?

A generator control panel is an essential component when it comes to controlling the activity of the engine of your generator. The very fact that it has the power to start and stop a generator’s engine makes it a vital control panel. ECS has specialized in designing and manufacturing of generator control panels that perform the entire controlling function smoothly.

What are Generator Control Panels used for?

A Generator Control Panel has two primary functions that it offers. Its ability to automatically start and stop a generator’s engine can be regarded as the top function. When the engine starts, the auto start Generator Control Panel disengages the starter. This is followed by Automatic Transfer Switch putting forward a request that the generator is shut down so that the load imbalance does not take place in the flow.

The generator control panels manufactured by ECS also provide another vital function; protecting the engine of your generator. It can also maintain oil pressure and coolant temperature in the system.

ECS, leading the game!

Here at ECS, our focus has always been to come up with the best designs using the latest technology to guarantee more functions since we believe in “More for Less”. Our generator control panels can also oversee many other essential functions such as voltage, current and frequency.

The best part about our exclusive range of Generator Control panels is that they are equipped with great functional built-in displays. These Generator Control Panels can also communicate any problems caused by the system to the user.

We always take care of the comfort of our clients. With an aim to not burden our clients with maintenance and service hassles, we ensure that our Generator Control panels are durable and are made with the best parts.

Our range of generator control panels offers many useful functions from monitoring your generator to giving alarms and warnings if there is a serious condition to take care of. Get your hands on our control panel motor generator set to try our quality yourself.

Main Features

ESC believes in providing value for money. Our Generator Control panels are equipped with the latest technology and are tested before supply to ensure our clients do not face any difficulty using them.

Here are the main features of our Generator Control panels:

  • Our Generator Control panels allow programming via the front panel, or via a computer
  • Our Generator Control panels also enable 4 to 6 digital inputs for signals that provide a contact closure (IE oil pressure, coolant temp, etc.)
  • Our Generator Control panels come with fuel/ignition output
  • Our Generator Control panels also come with a starter output
  • 2 to 4 additional digital outputs (for things like glow plug)