What are the Lighting Control Panels?

Often defined as an assembly of a standard arrangement of two or more components, such as motor controllers and circuit breakers, a Lighting Control Panel serves as an essential tool to save money and power for end-users and even huge industries.

What are the Lighting Control Panels used for?

The Lighting Control Panels also consist of micro parts such as times and switches with necessary wiring, terminal blocks and pilot lights. Usually utilized to save the loss of energy and to ensure cost-effectiveness, the Lighting Control Panels are designed to provide the users with maximum ease and comfort.

Our new range of Lighting Panel products represents a high level of engineering innovation mixed with sheer craftsmanship. With flexibility and strength added to the existing rugged and durable panelboard family, the Lighting Panels manufactured by ECS are extremely easy to install.

Why Choose ECS’s Lighting Panel Boards?

ECS has always believed in providing its customers with the best of quality available in the industry. While we keep a strong check on the affordability factor, we also ensure optimal efficiency, performance and durability of our products. Our team here at ECS has been trained to uphold the client expectations while manufacturing the products and providing the customer support service.

Having extensive knowledge in the equipment, installation and usage of Lighting Panel Boards, ECS beats all the other companies in the region with its bespoke manufacturing quality. Our Lighting Panel Boards are designed and tested to provide power distribution in the most effective and efficient way that suits our customers’ needs.

Key features of Lighting Panel Boards offered by ECS:

  • Convertibility: The convertibility feature allows the user to switch from the main lug to the main breaker or from the main breaker to the main lug with no additional requirement of cables or connections.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility feature allows the user to field install sub-fed breakers and lug kits without having them to increase the box height of the lighting panel board.
  • Ease of Installation: The lay-in construction allows the easy installation of your lighting panel board.
  • Extended Circuits are now available in factory-assembled panels:
  • ECSKSA offers limited storage.
  • ECSKSA also offers Feed-Thru variations with substantial sub-feed space.