What are Automatic Transfer Switches?

Being one of the essential components of a Generator system, an Automatic Transfer Switch provides the ability to transfer power to loads between Mains and Generators, where the transfer can be between the same or different equipment. ECS’s Automatic Transfer Switch guarantees a higher level of reliability in source switching, making it the best ATS switch available in the market.

ECS delivers the best quality of Automatic Transfer switches since we understand that they have a very vital role in an emergency or standby power system.

What are Automatic Transfer Switches used for?

An Automatic Transfer Switch has too many vital functions. For instance, an ATS can be put into use to monitor the incoming AC mains power supply. In the event there is a power failure, an ATS also has the capability to start the standby generator. Usually, it is also required of an ATS to transfer the load from the Mains to The Generator.

Why Choose ECS?

Here at ECS, we understand the evolving nature of technology and internal infrastructure these days. All of our products are designed keeping in consideration the compatibility factor. We make sure our Automatic Transfer Switches meet all the client requirements. We also take care of the local regulations while conforming to the relevant industry standards when selling our products.

We have always put the quality and affordability factors into consideration while designing and manufacturing our products. Our focus lies on delivering the best of industry product standards to our esteemed customers because we believe that customer satisfaction is the only way to our success. ECS's enclosed ATS panels feature either a single bypass or dual bypass facility so that the changeover device can be maintained without loss of service.

ATS comply with IEC60947-6-1 and are used widely in telecommunications, healthcare, utilities and data centres among other applications.

  • It includes manual and automatic switches.
  • Assembled and tested from 40 A to 6300A.
  • 1-pole, 3-pole or 4-pole system as required.
  • Enclosure complies with IP55 EN60529 for a high level of protection against dust and water ingress.

Key features of our Automatic Transfer Switches

  • Power Contactor type Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Mechanically held double through feature, solenoid operator
  • Microprocessor based control with display / keypad
  • Self-Powered controls, No need for external auxiliary Power
  • Utilization Category: AC-32B
  • Indication of source available status
  • Indication of source contact position status
  • Indication of power under voltage, over voltage, phase loss status
  • Automatic light indication
  • Adjustable Auto Transfer Time Delay within (0.5-60 sec)
  • Auto Start Delay of Generating set (0-60 sec)
  • Source Transfer Delay (0-60 sec)
  • Mains Power supply return stabilization Time (0-30 min)
  • Generating set stop delay (0-30 min)
  • Manual operation with or without handle
  • Test feature – Manually initiated Transfer with Load
  • Failure Alarm contact for remote monitoring
  • Source Availability & Connected status contacts for remote Monitoring