What are Generator Synchronization Panel Boards?

Generator Synchronization Panel Boards are used to meet power system requirements in residential and commercial areas. These function with both automatic or manual functions to be integrated into one or more generators or breakers.

Also known as Paralleling Switchgear, a Generator Synchronization Panel Board also provides a means to synchronize and parallel multiple generators of same or different sizes make on a common bus. Some of the advantages of Generator Synchronization Panel Boards include Reliability, Redundancy, Flexibility, Maintainability, and Economy.

What are Generator Synchronization Panel Boards used for?

A generator synchronization panel board operates on nothing but an automatic mains failure system. It lets the generators start up again in the event when the main supply is interrupted on one or all phases.

The load is continuously monitored by the load share units in the system to avoid any imbalance of the load. In order to save fuel when there is a lower demand of the load, one or two generators will be shut down automatically, enhancing the functionality of the entire flow. Once the system notices that the demand is rising again, it will proceed to restart the second generator and the third generator. Their supply will then be synchronized and reconnected to the load.

Why Choose ECS's Generator Synchronization Panel Boards?

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Key features of Generator Synchronization Panel Boards

Here are the key features of our Generator Synchronization Panel Boards:

  • 3-pole or 4-pole system as required
  • Various combinations of load transfer by ACBs, MCCBs or Contactors
  • Protection class up to IP 65
  • Load sharing/load shedding
  • Automatic and manual synchronizing
  • Factory built to client's specifications
  • Ratings up to 10000A
  • Control functions available for engine monitoring, warm-up and cool down periods, emergency shutdown, multi attempt engine start control, engine test runs
  • Can be monitor and operate remotely by using additional communication modules