Are you looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to improve the power factor of your electrical system in Saudi Arabia? Our Power Factor Correction Panel Board might be the solution you need!

What is a Power Factor Correction Panel Board?

Power Factor Correction Panel Board plays next to the most crucial part in the distribution flow of a power supply system. Every Power Factor Correction Board has a controller which can administer the power supply through its ability to turn the capacitors on and off.

What are Power Factor Correction Panel Boards used for?

Power Factor Correction Panel Boards are used to moderate the power supply in a power supply unit. The fact that the plant load is mostly inductive because of the motors used in them leads to the power supply unit having to supply reactive component also along with active component which actually does the work. This scenario builds up a balancing condition where the reactive component increases the total power distributed by the supply system. The use of capacitive reactive power compensates the inductive reactive power to make sure that the total power remains less.

At Electrivcal Care Services (ECS), we design and manufacture a wide range of Automatic Power Factor Correction Boards which consist of a Power factor controller used to sense the power factor. If there is an imbalance of power, the controller switches ON the capacitors one by one from the capacitor bank till the desired power factor which is set on the controller is achieved.

The power load can vary from time to time resulting in a varying power factor load. Our Power Factor Correction Panel Boards automatically switch the capacitor banks ON and OFF to ensure that the set power factor is maintained.

Manufactured using the latest technology!

ECS believes in using the latest technology being implemented in the electronics industry. Years of trust by our customers on our products range are a result of our consistent approach in providing our clients with a quality they cannot find anywhere.

Not only our Power Factor Correction Boards are durable but their components are designed for a high-end functionality. Increase your facility's electrical efficiency with a Power Factor Correction from Electrical Care Services (ECS). Our range of Power Factor Correction Boards are highly effective when it comes to minimizing energy loss during transmission through your circuitry.

When you get your hands on our products, you automatically sign up for a cost-effectiveness module where our power factor correction boards ensure considerable savings on your power costs. We value the money of our customers hence, we never compromise on the quality of our products while also maintaining a price affordability factor.

What do our Power Factor Correction Boards offer?

Our power factor correction panel boards offer many benefits including:

  • Reactive power fee abolishing
  • Line capacity increasing
  • End-user electric power quality improving
  • Power transformer load relieving
  • Power losses reducing
  • Higher harmonics level decrease

ECS is regarded as one of the leading Power Factor Correction Board Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our PFC Panel Board solutions and how they can help you save energy, reduce costs, and improve your electrical system's performance.
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