What are Bus Bar Chambers?

As per the common definition, Bus Bars are conductors to which a number of circuits are connected. Bus bars chambers which feed one or more circuit without using any protection equipment such as C.B, link or fuse. A bus bar chamber is a junction of one or more than one incoming and outgoing circuits.

What are Bus Bar Chambers used for?

These Bus Bar Chambers play a vital role in clean supply of power as per how the system requires the loads to be. Our Bus Bar Chambers ensure that there is a safe, reliable & economical distribution of power that goes to various loads as the system demands.

Why Choose ECSKSA’s Bus Bar Chambers?

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The bus bar chambers are usually used in places including but not limited to:

  • Construction site
  • Shop floor
  • Multi-storeyed complexes
  • Building installation etc.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Here at ECS, we have grown to be an organization that believes in upholding customer satisfaction above anything else. We train our manufacturers and overall staff to make sure every production step involves the best industry practices. We grow when our customers are satisfied and that is what we believe in.

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