Mining and Metals

ECS provides mining and metals solutions to our clients. Our solutions for businesses in mining, minerals, and metals help you achieve process and energy efficiency, and much more. Get in touch now to know how we specialize in mining and metals solutions.

Oil & Gas

Generate more money with our Oil & Gas solutions for our clients. ECS helps leading companies to introduce digitization in their oil and gas business with our modern and cutting-edge solutions. ECS provides the essence of innovative Oil & Gas solutions.

Food and Beverage

With our dedicated Food and Beverage industry, our clients can now boost the efficiency of your food and beverage operations while improving the safety of your products. We have employed industry experts who very well understand the needs of food and beverage companies.

Cement and Glass

In order to improve plant-wide efficiency and productivity, ECS offers integrated process control systems to Cement and Glass industries. As this domain is continuously evolving, we continue to provide our clients with everything they need to grow.

Health Care

With our growing expertise in power security and energy management, we are all set to serve the emerging and growing companies in the health care sector. Our focus has always been to enable hospitals and healthcare facilities to do more with less.


Years of serving chemical industries has landed us a prestigious position in the industry. ​Our chemical solutions add value to a process plant by improving business performance and driving safety, reliability and efficiency.

Water & wastewater

Since ECS was founded, we made a promise to uphold our values of safeguarding environmental values. The businesses delivering desalination and wastewater treatment have been ensuring the supply of clean water to communities around the world. We help these companies do it safely and efficiently.

Buildings & Infrastructure

ECS has employed technical staff and industry experts who have extensive knowledge of the engineering, construction and infrastructure industry. Many companies in this domain have trusted us with their construction needs.

The Automotive

At ECS, our focus has been to improve operational performance, ensure energy efficiency, safety and reliability, and increase connectivity through comprehensive enterprise-level solutions.

Paper & Pulp Markets

Last but not least, our services in this domain are widely appreciated. ECS’s pulp and paper manufacturing applications and automated engineering solutions have aided the companies and corporations in streamlining their communication channels and processes.