What are Feeder pillars?

A feeder pillar is a vital electrical power supply component as it provides local isolation to your electrical distribution equipment. Apart from that, a feeder pillar also protects both the cabling and the transformer from faults. 

What are Feeder pillars used for?

As the name itself suggests, a feeder pillar feeds and balances the electrical power. The very important feature of a feeder pillar that it also allows simple and local maintenance to your equipment. This, in turn, helps you reduce site downtime and reduces overall maintenance costs.

ECS offers a comprehensive range of feeder pillars which come fully assembled to meet your specification, allowing easy onsite installation. Feeder pillars are used and deployed at many places including streetlights and highways & airports and retail parks.

Why Choose ECS?

Years of service in the industry has allowed ECS to emerge as a manufacturer of high-quality products meeting all the applicable industry standards and regulations. Being honest and committed with our clients has given us a definite edge over all the other companies.

Being one of the leading feeder pillar manufacturers in the region, ECS has always believed in providing our customers with the latest technology combined with the best design and durability elements. Our secret to success lies in the fact that we have never compromised on the quality of our products despite always ensuring affordability for our all customers.

What is more? Our products including feeder pillars are easily maintainable and their service can be done without any trouble. Over the years we have managed to gain the trust and satisfaction of tens of thousands of customers in the region. Our brand name now goes synonymous with standard quality and durability. Not only that but these are highly durable and function optimally. When you buy a feeder pillar from our store, you put your valuable trust on us. Always looking to satisfy the needs of our clients, we seek to never disappoint you.

Features offered by ECS’s feeder pillars

The features offered by feeder pillars designed and manufactured by ECS include:

  • A wide range of three pole, four pole and neutral busbar systems.
  • Our feeder pillars can be supplied with ACB, MCCB or fuse protection.
  • Our feeder pillars come with steel enclosure.
  • Long-life hinges manufactured from solid stainless steel blocks
  • Warning labels are fitted indoor recess
  • Supplied with wedge locks - anti-vandal locks available on request
  • Detachable feeder pillar roof
  • The backboard can be removed for wiring

Get your hands on our feeder pillars, choose the one that suits your needs the best. Enjoy easy and hassle-free maintenance of feeder pillars freeing you from troubles.