It is a story to share!

When ECS was founded, our leadership focused on how to emerge as a company that creates a difference in the industry. After weeks of discussions, we came to the conclusion that the customers of electrical products do not get to enjoy the concept of “value for money”. How do we cater to that?

It is simple. To invest our time and efforts into coming up with product designs that fulfil the needs of our customers. And we succeeded in doing that.

The success starts with the design!

The very fact that companies grow based on how their customers regard the quality of the products. Any product can hit the skies of popularity or can fail based on how it is designed. ECS decided to focus on designing the products in a manner that can enable us to integrate the latest technology and the best components.

How do we design our products?

At ECS, we spend a great deal of time and efforts into designing our products, services and solutions to provide our customers with a framework that they cannot enjoy anywhere else. Starting with the product design to manufacturing, our design process is controlled and reviewed by the industry’s best professionals and experts.

Compliance with Industry regulations and standards!

ECS products are designed in accordance with IEC & NEMA/ANSI standards. We also follow the industry required specifications and customer's requirements. ECS is well equipped with AUTODESK AUTOCAD ELECTRICAL software and information technology systems to undertake custom-built jobs.

Our team of experts!

At ECS, our team of expert engineers and professionals is working continuously on in-house development and upgrading of products to cater to market requirements and to adopt the latest technological advancement. The custom-built design and development of a diverse range of electrical products are possible by the backing of specialized Engineers.

We always focus on instilling the values of the team effort, dedication and devotion into our employees who are committed to providing the customers with the best quality of products and services they cannot enjoy anywhere else. We train our staff and team members to work efficiently in order to ensure client satisfaction. We have a well-established track record and our services met with great customer satisfaction.