What are Manual Transfer Switches?

As the word itself suggests, the Manual Transfer Switch functions quite oppositely to how an Automatic Transfer Switch would work. In the event when utility power is not available, you can put into use the Manual Transfer Switch to start a standby source to resume the power supply to pre-designated, critical circuits. Not only these manual transfer switches provide a sense of safety and comfort for the users but they are the most widely used suitable switches for residential and light commercial applications.

What are Manual Transfer Switches used for?

Contrary to how Automatic Transfer Switches function, a Manual Transfer Switch would allow the user to manually start and turn on and off the emergency power guaranteeing a great level of ease and comfort for residential use.

Here at ECS, we design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of manual transfer switches for various uses and applications including but not limited to residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial uses. The users may go for a transfer switch or a single circuit switch for partial or complete transfer or load. ECS provides the customers with a range of options to go for as per their needs.

During a power outage
(While using a generator as an emergency source):

  • Do not keep any circuits turned on in the transfer switch.
  • Start the generator and let it begin the power supply.
  • Switch the main breaker from "Line" to "Generator" power.

When power is restored:

  • Switch the main breaker from "Generator" to "Line" power.
  • Turn off the generator

Why Choose ECS?

Here at Ecs, we design our manual transfer switches in a format that their service and maintenance can be easily taken care of. Our products also meet the industry requirements and that is what enables our products to stand out among others. ECS has always believed in providing our customers with the latest technology combined with the best design and durability elements.

ECS also believes in never compromising the quality as we always follow the industry standards and regulations during our manufacturing process.

Key features of Manual Transfer Switches offered by ECS:

  • ECS manufactures transfer switches that come with a mechanical interlock to avoid any sort of duplicate energy sourcing.
  • Our transfer switches do not require the extension cords for easy and seamless installation of the generator manual transfer switch.
  • We ensure that you can save time and money during the installation process.
  • We provide 24/7 technical support ensuring minimal to no downtime.
  • ECS also provides guaranteed warranty support on all the products.

Get your hands on the generator switch panels by ECS right away and test the quality and durability yourself. Do leave a good review if we manage to impress you!