Support & Services

ECS takes pride in never leaving its customers alone. Being a leading electronics products manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, we always provide our customers with a comfortable shopping experience and after-sales services. We also make sure that our customers never feel the need to shop from anywhere else. When our customers shop from us and put their trust in us, we value their time and efforts. Our after-sales services and support are available for them whenever they need us.

Over the years, ECS has put in more efforts into developing and maintaining a Service Department to make sure that our customers can enjoy a streamlined and smooth after-sales service. We have a Service Team available 24/7 to provide prompt after-sales service to all of our customers. The team also takes care of the feedback or complaints lodged by the customers to ensure that all our clients are satisfied.

We follow the industry relevant procedures and regulations when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our customer service staff are trained to deal with any issue or situation with a smart approach that saves time and money of our clients.

ECS’s remarkable after-sales service

Here at ECS, our After Sales Service assures a competent and customer-tailored technical assistance as well as a fast supply of original spares parts for all of our products. No matter if you buy one product from our store or you choose to get many services and solutions, you will always enjoy an unhindered after-sales service.

We always tell our customers to get the most of our after-sales services to value their investment. Here at ECS, we always value the time and money of our clients. While we try to make sure that our products do not require much maintenance but in any case, they are advised to enjoy our after-sales service.

Prolong the life of your investment

ECS always suggests the buyers and service users enjoy the highest standards to save themselves from the misery of more expenses. They can get their hands on the best quality here at ECS. Our customers and service users may find their problem be resolved by simply investing a little time to get our after-sales service.

All the support you may need

Here at ECS, our focus has always been on catering to every one of our clients in the best way possible. Whether you may need our support the first day or after two years, please know that we will always be there for you. ECS prides itself in never leaving the customers without any support. Ring us when you need us and we will be there to assist you.