What are the Main Distribution Electrical Panel Boards?

The Main Distribution Electrical Panel Board, also known as a main disctibution board or MDB is the most essential component of a Power Distribution and Electrical System. Although the submission of the electrical energy through a Power Distribution System also involves Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs) and Final Distribution Boards, the main distribution panel board holds the most importance.

Electrical Care Services (ECS) uses the best technology available in the industry in our main distribution panel boards and it translates our modern approach towards the client satisfaction. Our main distribution panel boards are always designed in compliance with the applicable industry standards of Saudi Arabia.

What are the Main Distribution Electrical Panel Boards used for?

The power Distribution System functions as an electricity supplier to Final Distribution Boards, which feed the supply to the end user. The main distribution panel boards serve as integral players in this cycle. The individual circuits or consumer points get their electrical energy from main distribution boards which they then transfer to the transformer or an upstream panel.

Usually, the main distribution panel boards keep a single or multiple incoming power sources. With main circuit breakers and residual current protection devices, our electrical main distribution boards also offer safety and protection for our clients.

The main distribution power boards manufactured by ECS KSA comprise of a free-standing enclosure, a bus bar system, circuit breakers, metering and support equipment along with required current transformers.

ESC’S Main Distribution Panel Boards meet all your needs!

With the continuous advancement in technology, there is a growing need to have products with the latest technology. Here at ECS KSA, our products are designed keeping in consideration the compatibility factor.

We understand the maintenance of electrical panel boards can come as a struggle for our customers. Therefore, we focus on designing our products in a framework that enables easy service and maintenance.

During our extensive presence in the industry, thousands of customers have trusted us with the delivery of a safe, reliable and high-performance protection of power distribution systems. We make sure to meet the industry standards also required by our clients.

Key features of Main Distribution Panel Boards offered by ECS:

Our main distribution panelboards non type tested or fully type-tested and we carry out the entire testing process involving assembly, wiring and testing of MDBs to provide the following features:

  • Our main distribution panel boards can be non type tested or Fully type tested assemblies as per IEC 61439-1
  • Protection class upto IP65 – IK10
  • Our panel boards are rated upto 6300A
  • Our main distribution panel boards are rated operating voltage upto 690V
  • Our distribution boards are designed for both withdrawable & fixed versions
  • Our electrical panel boards come with substantial cabling space for easy connections
  • Our main distribution panel boards come with top and bottom cable entry.
  • Distribution Panels for front or rear access to suit the application

At our company, we are committed to providing you with the best main distribution panel board solutions in the Saudi Arabia region, backed by our years of expertise and experience in the industry... Get in touch with us.