What are Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs)?

Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs) are one of the three components of a Power Distribution system, the other two being Main Distribution Boards (MDBs) and Final Distribution Boards, holding vital importance in the power supply system. 

What are SMDBs used for?

Sub Main Distribution Panel Boards (SMDBs) are an integral component of a Power Distribution System functioning as an electricity supplier to Final Distribution Boards which feeds the supply to the end-user. A Power Distribution System is an essential part of every electrical installation which concludes to the fact that SMDBs are a vital part of every electricity supply circuit.

ECS’s SMDBs meet all your needs!

We understand the evolving nature of technology and internal infrastructure these days. All of our products are designed keeping in consideration the compatibility factor. We make sure our Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs) meet all the client requirements. We also take care of the local regulations while conforming to the relevant industry standards when selling our products.

Here at ECS, we design our Sub Main Distribution Boards in a format that their service and maintenance can be easily taken care of. Our products also meet the requirement of thermal imaging of electrical installations and that is what enables our products to stand out among others.

We have been creating custom-built Sub Main Distribution Boards for a long time and we never compromise on quality standards including a safe, reliable and high-performance protection of power distribution systems with increased versatility. We carry out the entire testing process involving assembly, wiring and testing of our SMDBs.

Key features of Sub Main Distribution Boards offered by ECS:

    • Our Sub Main Distribution Boards offer non-type-tested or fully type tested assemblies as per IEC 61439-1
    • ECS’s Sub Main Distribution Boards are rated upto 1600A
    • ECS’s Sub Main Distribution Boards have an operating voltage upto 690V
    • Our Sub Main Distribution Boards have substantial cabling space for easy connections
    • Flexible Index of protection: IP 30, IP31, IP42, IP 54, IP55 & IP65
    • Our Sub Main Distribution Boards offer wall mounting or free standing to suit the application.