The power factor correction panels are designed to improve the power factor in electrical systems while ensuring energy and cost efficiency. They are suitable for a variety of processing plants with fluctuating loads, such as steel plants, chemical plants, paper mills, and automotive plants.

Automatic Power Factor Correction (PFC) Specifications:


  • Automatic and Manual Operation:

Our Power Factor Correction Panel Board is a versatile solution that can be operated both automatically and manually, providing you with the flexibility you need for your specific requirements.

  • Breaker Closing Time Delay:

We've incorporated a breaker closing time delay mechanism to prevent current and voltage surges, ensuring the smooth and safe operation of your electrical system.

  • Automated Sensing:

The panel board features automated sensing capabilities for various critical parameters, including:

    • Under Voltage: It detects and responds to under voltage conditions, safeguarding your equipment from potential damage.
    • Phase Failure: Automatic phase failure detection guarantees system integrity and reliability.
    • Phase Sequence: The panel board ensures the correct phase sequence, crucial for seamless and safe operation.
    • Generator Start/Stop Commands: Enjoy enhanced control with integrated generator start and stop commands for added convenience.
  • Indications:

Our Power Factor Correction Panel Board provides clear and informative indications for monitoring and decision-making, including:

    • Incoming Voltage: Keep a watchful eye on the incoming voltage to maintain power quality.
    • Engine Running/Faulty Conditions: Instantly know the status of your engine, preventing unexpected downtime.
    • MCCB On/Trip Conditions: Stay informed about the status of the Molded Case Circuit Breakers for optimized system performance.
    • Engine Test Run Position: Conveniently execute routine engine tests for continuous reliability.
    • Status Signals for Remote Indications: Facilitate remote monitoring and decision-making with our advanced status signals.


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